Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What is the age range of children who can receive a card? 

A. The age range is from a baby who is 1 day old to a young adult who is 21 years of age!


Q. What does it cost? 

A. It’s completely free for children to participate thanks to the generous donations of our Card Angel Volunteers! The only way there might be a small cost is if the child decides to send a card back to their Card Angel but this participation is completely optional!  


Q. When will the cards be received? 

A. The cards will be received as soon as we have enough cards to fill the number of cards that were requested!  


Q. Will the child’s personal information be kept safe?

A. Yes! The personal information will be kept private. It will only be used by our trusted Card Angel Administrator, who will be screening all the cards and forwarding them to the Card Recipients!

Q. Is this a Christian program?

A. Although this isn't an exclusively Christian program, Christians will be allowed to share a few Bible verses and say "God loves you" but they will be asked to follow the general foster care guideline and not proselytize in the cards! 


Q. Do I need to fill out every question on the application?

A. Nope, just do your best.  Feel free to leave as many of the questions blank as you need to!  


Q. Whom can I contact if I have more questions? 

A. You can contact our Card Angel Team anytime at

or call the founder Sarah Villa at 310-654-8432!

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