How it all began...

After the success of their first summer camp, dedicated to serving children in foster care, the director of Hope Recharged Foundation knew she and the camp team needed to do more! After a year of thinking and praying the idea for Card Angel Project suddenly emerged! It came when the director looked back to her childhood pondering the question “What brought stability to my childhood and made me feel valued?” The answer was those sweet holiday cards her grandmother faithfully sent her! In honor of this legacy and with hope to impact future generations the Card Angel Project was created! 


To consistently provide individualized greeting cards, several times a year to children from the foster and adoptive community. With the hope of encouraging, uplifting, and reminding children from hard places of their intrinsic value!


  • Consistency

  • Saftey

  • Kindness

  • Creativity

  • Encouragement

Volunteer Lead

From the website to the administration of this program, everything is run by volunteers! It has been amazing to see how many people have a heart of generosity and care! We could not do this without our amazing volunteers!

(Big shout out of thanks to all who serve on our team! You are incredible!)  

We welcome you to Hope Recharged Foundation!


Sarah & Francisco Villa

Founders of:

Hope Recharged Foundation, Bring Me Hope USA, & Card Angel Project!