Card Angel Volunteer

Frequently Asked Questions! 

Q. What is the Card Angel Project’s Mission Statement?

  1. It is “To provide encouraging greeting cards to children in the foster and adoption community. In order to strengthen, uplift, and remind them of their intrinsic value!”  

Q. How much does this volunteering opportunity cost? 

A. Here is the list of expenses and the total cost for a year of volunteering:

$25 for the “Angel-ship” (The Annual Membership - more on this below)!

$? for the cost of the cards (This part is totally up to you and your budget 

You are welcomed to buy them or make them)! 

$3.30 for the cost of 6 stamps!

This all totals up to $28.30 + Whatever you spend on cards for the year! Which means it’s only $2.36 per month! 😄

Q. How big can my card be?

  1. It must be able to fit into a 5/7 envelope! 


Q. What is the money from the “Angel-ship” used for?

A. This money goes into helping us run this important program by:

  1. Pays the cost of forwarding the cards to the child!

  2. Helps provide the money to pay the program's admin cost which includes: this website, accounting software, a virtual address, and envelopes.    

Q. What is the card-sending deadline?

A. It is within the year of beginning your Hope Recharged Foundaiton's Card Angel Project! You are welcomed to send all six cards together or to send them separately. Do what works best for you! 


Q. Can I send presents, gift cards, or cash?

A. Unfortunately, right now the answer is “nope” because we are currently only set up for cards but you can send

“Little Extras” like:

  • Origami!

  • Stickers!

  • Pressed Flowers! 

  • A drawing!

  • Friendship bracelets! 

  • A picture of you, your pets, a nature shot from your backyard! 

  • A card of their name with the meaning! 

  • A word search! 

  • Etc!


Q. Will, I receive a card back from the child?

A. Nope, sorry! Since we just forward them to non-profits we don't have any way to get cards from the children who receive your cards!      

Q. Is there anything I can’t write about?

A. Yes, here’s a helpful list:  


Please don’t write about things like:  

  • Guns

  • Abuse

  • Abandonment 

  • Politics 

  • Anything inappropriate 

  • Anything unkind

  • Law Enforcement

  • Fostercare

  • Adoption 

Remember your main goal as a Card Angel is to bring CHEER! =)

Q. What are the guidelines?

A. Ask and you ask you shall receive! 😄 

1.  Please sign each card with your first name only. No sharing of personal information which the child can use to contact Angels privately. NO LAST NAMES, no phone numbers, home address, no social media handles, or email address.  

2.  Ensure content is encouraging and clean. Please remember, you're writing to a child so refrain from using any vulgarity, curse words, putdowns, or any negativity in general.  Instead, we highly recommend sharing a funny story, riddles, cute jokes (if "Dad Jokes" are your thing, here's your time to shine!), Bible verses, and encouraging words!

3.  Please do not include candy or weighted items that are problematic during the shipping process. We encourage you to send stickers, origami, a name meaning card, or any other lightweight blessings of your choice. (All cards and small items must fit in a 5x7 envelope.).


4.  If you are a Christian and would like to share Bible verses and encouraging phrases such as "Jesus loves you" or perhaps lyrics from a Christian song, you are more than welcome to do so! However, given the nature of the legalities within the Foster Care System, we cannot share the gospel message within the cards.  

Q. Can a Card Angel Volunteer be asked to stop participating? 

A. Yes, We call it...

“How A Card Angel gets Its Wings…..Clipped”

If the administrator feels that the above rules have not been followed the Card Angel will receive a verbal warning. If the infringement is blatant the Card Angel may be removed from the program for the safety of the child. There are some touchy subjects that should not be discussed. The Card Angel should not discuss law enforcement, abuse, guns, or foster care. Talking about these subjects could lead to a Card Angel “getting their wings clipped”, and being removed from the program. Some reasons to be removed from the program include:

  • Missing or being late sending a card 3 times

  • Using inappropriate language 

  • Talking about the “touchy subjects” mentioned above

  • We feel it is in the best interest of the child


Q. Will, I receive a helpful guide once I become a Card Angel Volunteer?

A. YES!!! You will receive a welcome packet that is chock fill of helping info! Like:

  • A card writing guide!

  • An inspirational podcast link!

  • A joke list with two jokes for every card-holiday! 

  • Plus more!!!